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Monday, March 31, 2014

ஆத்மநாதசுவாமி-குருந்தொளிநாதர்-Athmanadha Swamy

முக்திநன்  முதற்பொரு முதற்பொருளாகுமுன்னவர் 
கொத்தலர் குருந்தினிற் குருவின் ரூபமாய்
 வைத்தெதிர் தன்வய மாக்கும் வாதவூர் 
 அத்தர்தாள் தொழுதுளத் தவல மாற்றுவாம்,

ஆத்மநாதசுவாமி மாணிக்கவாசகரின் குரு ஆவார்.ஆத்மநாதசுவாமி திருப்பெருந்துறையில் அந்தண குழந்தைகளுக்கு வேதங்களை கற்பித்தார்.அதற்காக அவர் பெற்ற தட்சணை புழுங்கல் சாதம்,கீரை மற்றும் பாகற்காய்.ஆத்மநாதசுவாமி திருக்கோவிலில் தற்பொழுதும் இதனையே பிரசாதமாக படைக்கப்படுகிறது.ஆத்மநாதசுவாமியுடன் ஏராளமான சீடர்கள் இருந்ததாக கூறப்படுகிறது.அவர்களில் முக்கியமானவர் மாணிக்கவாசகர்

Athmanadha Swamy Thiruperunhturai,

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sadhananda Swamigal

Swami Sadhananda was born Thiruvidaimaruthur. He work as railways stationmaster. He learned Navakanda Yogi and practice from Thiruvidaimaruthur Avaduth Mouna Swamigal who take Sri Dattatreya Bhagavan as guru .

First Disciple

1909 Narayana Swamy first disciple was worked as a police officer in Chennai, Swami Sadhananda saved his job helped to catch the thief’s by miracle event. After that his life style changed. He come across Swami Sadhananda at near chitrakulam mylapore , he started serving him as a disciple. Guruji asked him to leave the job, since he could not concentrate on this and his mind was turned towards spiritual experiences. After that he bought swamy to Alapakkam village

Alapakkam Village People

The Villagers worshiped Guruji, he predict many things and which lead the surprise to the Villagers. One day Villagers see Swami while doing Navakanda Yogi ,after that Guruji left the village and settled at the Northside [ Now Sadhanandapuram ] - developing ashram, but the miracles of Guruji towards the welfare of the Village and Villagers were continued.

Swami Sadhananda was helped village peoples when there was no rain and there was a big suffering to lead life in the village without water. Guruji did miracle through the Pillayar Temple situated near the ashram, asked the villagers to just turn upside down the statue of Pillayar. Surprisingly there was heavy rain and the problem of water was solved. When villagers came back to thank him, he asked them to straighten the statue to normal pose. Besides which being a Navakanda Yogi he did miracles in the Ashram several times not just to admire him but to make understood the importance and usefulness of the Sidha Yogam.

Srimath Sadhananda's Jeeva Samaathi

Srimath Sadhananda's him self preferred place and time for Jeeva Samaathi , also order his disciples  Narayana Swamy and Velusamy to do all his last ritual . 1922 During 22nd of Tamil month Thai - Magam Nakshathra , Sadhananda Swamigal prepared himself for his Jeeva Samathi (Spirit leaving the body while sitting in Dhyana) and entered into the endless spiritual journey

Also contain samadhi's of his disciples Narayana swamingal,Veluswami swamingal, Pichai swamingal, agandapuri swamigal, Mayaa swamigal and gopal swamingal.

You please kindly come to jeeva samadhi and receive the blessings of Lord Siva-Sath-Gurunathar

Sadhananda swamigal



Vara Rishi in meditation

Duvapara rishi

Garuda Magarishi

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