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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sri Kagapujandar siddhar

Kagapujandar siddhar

Sri Kagapujandar, according to legend, has seen many destructions of the universe(pralaya) and recreation of new one as a crow, hence the name Kaga. Kagam in Tamil means crow. Sri Kagapujandar is the master in the art of Immortality. He is the one who gives diksha (initiation) to Lord Shiva[ in every era. Sri Kagapujandar gave upadhesa (instruction) to Sri Vashistar, guru of Sri Rama.
Siddhar Sri Roma rishi is said to be son of Sri Kagapujandar.
Once the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva ended up in a heated argument to know who is the eldest, finally Narada told them that there is only one Maharishi who can tell who is the eldest. Trimurti wondered how old that Maharishi would have to be, in order to know who is the eldest. They came to know that Sri Kagapujandar who seen many apocalypse, beginning of new era and new Trimurthi for every era. Trimurthi praised Sri Kagapujandar as a remarkable one and great siddha.

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